Gravane system is in the Klina Sector

1 livable planet: Gravane
1 ball or rock:
1 asteroid field
Gravane Station

Type: Terrestrial
The planet is a typical ball of rock and metals orbiting a sun.
Terrain: Plain
Plains areas are simply huge, flat expanses of life, typically supporting grasses and bushes as primary forms of plant life. Grasslands can be found in virtually any hydrosphere and temperature range, but they are most common in tropical and temperate dry regions. Very cold, dry grasslands are often called tundra, and very warm, dry grasslands are often called savannahs.

Temperature: Temperate
Temperate planets average between -5 and 29 degrees Celsius.
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Type II (Breath Mask Suggested)
Type II atmospheres can support life without use of a breath mask, but either due to too much atmospheric, it is recommended that a breath mask be worn. Without a breath mask, detrimental effects, such as slowed reactions, reduced brain activity, poisoning, or a myriad of other effects can begin to occur within just a few hours of exposure. Many alien species can comfortably breathe type II atmospheres without having to resort to breath masks.

Hydrosphere: Moderate
The planet is 49 percent covered by land. The planet has large oceans and probably a well developed river network, especially if the planet has large hills and mountains. There are probably many different terrain types.
Length of Day: 21 hours
Length of Year: 180 days
Starport: Limited Services
This is typically a simple landing field, but there is at least a control tower to prevent collisions between ships in the planet’s airspace. There may be maintenance sheds for rent. There may be fuel for sale, but other important supplies are unavailable.
Population: 5 million sentients of mixed races.

Government: Tribal
Tribal governments seldom control more than a small portion of the planet. Tribes are groups of many families who have banded together for mutual survival, or who share common beliefs. Tribes are often precursors to city-states and nation-state governments, but many highly advanced and sophisticated tribal governments are found on planets throughout the Star Wars universe. Tribes can be nomadic, depending almost entirely upon hunting and foraging for food, or they can settle, which indicates the development of agriculture.
Tech Level: Space

During the Clone Wars Gravane was the CIS Head quarters. Much of the activity took place on the space station or out in the Asteroid field.


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