Owners: Nov Part Family
Craft: Mining Ship
Scale: starship
Length: 80 meters
Crew: 12, skeleton crew of 1 and some droids
Passengers: 6 (max of 18 people on board)
Cargo Capacity: 125 tons with 6 external cargo pods of 100 tons each.
Consumables: 5months
Hyperdrive: 4X
Hyperdrive backup: 20X
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 1D
Space Move: 3
Atmosphere: 220: 700 kmh
Hull: 5D
Shields: 1D


3 Grasper Arms
Scale: Starfighter
Fire Arc: 180 degrees and down.
Crew: 1 each
Fire Control: 1D
Range: 1
Strength: 3D

Heavy Mining Laser
Scale: Capital
Fire Arc: Bottom
Crew: 1
Fire Control: 0D
Space Range: 1/3/7
Damage: 3D+2

Escape pods: 3 with capacity of 6 people each

The Anopheles is a very old ship. Used over 300 years ago for asteroid mining. As a testament to how well it did its job the ship can still be seen in active service, passed down from mining family to mining family.
While a large ship of over 80 meters tall and wide it tends to be a bit cramped on the inside. Composed of over 5 levels the upper most is the white room, which has the main air lock and space suits. Level 2 has the Bridge and 12 staterooms. Level 3 has crew mess hall, common room, life support/recycling and the storage bay. Level 4 has the lower storage bay, another airlock and the access to engineering. Level 5 engineering and the mining equipment. A single main shaft connects all the decks but level 5. This shaft
One of its unusual features is that it employs grasper arms to latch onto asteroids or act as landing gears.


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