Name: Lordly
Arquitens-class Light Cruiser
Craft:Kuat Drive Yards Arquitens-class Light Cruiser
Affiliation: Old Republic
Era: Rise of the Empire
Source: none
Type: Light cruiser/Escort ship
Scale: Capital
Length: 325 meters
Skill: Capital ship piloting: Arquitens-class
Crew: 100, Skeleton: 2 (20)
Crew Skill: All skills typically at 4D
Passengers: 40 (troops)
Cargo Capacity: 5,000 metric tons
Consumables: 2 months
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1
Hyperdrive Backupp: x15
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuver: 3D
Space: 7
Atmosphere: 350; 1,000 kmh
Hull: 3D+1
Shields: 2D+1

Passive: 40/1D
Scan: 80/2D
Search: 100/3D
Focus: 5/4D


4 Double Turbolasers
Fire Arc: Partial Turret (2 front/left, 2 front/right)
Skill: Capital ship gunnery
Fire Control: 2D
Space Range: 3-15/35/75
Atmosphere Range: 6-30/70/15 0km
Damage: 5D

4 Assault Concussion Missile Tubes (12 missiles each)
Fire Arc: 2 right, 2 left
Skill: Capital ship gunnery
Fire Control: 3D
Space Range: 2-12/30/60
Atmosphere Range: 4-24/60/120 km
Damage: 9D

4 Quad Laser Cannons
Fire Arc: 1 battery left/front/rear/dorsal, 1 battery right/front/rear/dorsal, 1 battery left/front/rear/ventral, 1 battery right/front/rear/ventral
Scale: Starfighter
Skill: Starship gunnery
Fire Control: 1D
Space Range: 1-3/12/25
Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5 km
Damage: 6D

The Arquitens-class resembled a smaller version of the Venator-class Star Destroyer, with engines similar to the smaller Consular-class space cruiser. A docking ring was located on each side of the ship and a deep split cleaved the bow into two prongs.
Atop the main hull was a small T-shaped command tower, with two quad laser turrets flanking it. Two identical emplacements were located on the ventral bow, while four dual-barreled turbolaser batteries were located on the sides of the cruiser. Large slits on either side of these cannons allowed them to be repositioned for frontal, broadside or backwards firing.3 This function, combined with the dorsal & ventral turrets, granted the ship a good arc of fire.

All gun emplacements were retracted into the hull during re-entry to prevent the barrels from being damaged by sudden drag force. The bridge/bow turrets descended/ascended into large trap-door hatches, while the flank cannons receded into the bow prongs.

The ship also had two pairs of missile tubes on the edges between its turbolaser cannons.

The Lordly survived the Clone Wars with valor. Current leader is Captain Oicunn


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